Walk with my Zenit 12sd

It was just one Sunday, August 4, 2013 I walked around Red Square with test roll of Kodak Portra 400 in Zenit 12sd. Yeah, it’s Soviet SLR, not usual for street photography, but I just wanted to test my roll of Kodak. It was pretty crowdy, well very attractive touristic place, #1 in Russia, you know.


So I went to the Red Square


What I like in Red Square, people doesn’t react to the camera, even Zenit is shooting like gun, the mirror flaps so loudly nobody reacts)


So I followed to Nikolskaya street and made few shots over there

Vetoshniy pereulok. Shot fron Nikolskaya.


This lady was in torpor, she just stood there, gazed under her feet and no move no nothing, the guard payed attention to her. strange people always attracts attention of guards, police and other strangers, so I shot and went further with no listening of her explanations.


Birzhevaya ploshad’

This was something new, I called it “Russki Tuk tuk” the journey around Nikolskaya with rickshaw, interesting.

Then I turned to Teatral’ny proezd
Bently saloon

Turned back to Teatral’naya ploshad’ and there I got the sqaure in front of Metropol full of police and military



Thought there is sort of opposition rally again, but

20130821-003629.jpg just one guy with provocative broadsheet, this guy definitely has guts to keep holding this kind of sheet on Red Square.

Few shots on Teatral’naya ploshad’



Military here

Military there

And my favorite one, just one from the roll: Cadets


I like how they look at him, like her gesture, like how 2d picture shows his hand holding her… ))) well that’s probably his desire who knows…

Camera: Zenit 12sd, Lens: Helios 44M, 50mm, film: Kodak Portra 400, developed and scanned by Fotoproekt.ru

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